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Steamed Rose Buns

Steamed Rose Buns

These 4-ingredient Steamed rose buns are so easy to make and are perfect for any occasion, Mother's day, Birthdays, Valentine's Day…You can make these buns sugar-free too, by skipping the powdered sugar/icing sugar on top !


  • 1 cup (250 ml) warm water (+ 1 tbsp at a time until dough just comes together) (90F-110F; 43C-32C)
  • 3 drops Red Food Coloring Gel
  • 2 tsp (6 g) Active Dry Yeast
  • 3 1/2 cup (500 g) All-Purpose Flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp (6 g) Baking powder


  • To 1 cup of warm water (90F-110F; 43C-32C), add 3 drops of red food coloring gel. Mix well.
  • Add active dry yeast. Stir and let stand for 5 minutes until foamy.
  • To another bowl, add flour and baking powder. Mix well.
    Then add the yeast solution. Mix until well combined. If the dough is too dry, add 1 tablespoon of water at a time until the dough just comes together.
  • Cover the bowl and let stand for 5 minutes ONLY.
  • Transfer dough to a lightly floured surface.
    Dust dough with flour.
  • Roll out dough into a 22×16 inch (55×40 cm) rectangle.
    Using a cookie cutter 3 ¾ inch (9.5 cm) diameter, cut out 20 circles from the dough.
  • Place 4 circles overlapping each other on the work surface.
    The roll another circle into a stick.
    Place it at one end of the 4 overlapping circles and roll all of them into a bigger cylinder as shown in the video.
    Cut the cylinder into half.
    Carefully open the petals as shown on the video.
    Repeat for the rest of the dough.
  • Place the flower dough on a piece of parchment paper, then into a steamer basket.
  • Add boiling hot water to steamer/wok. Place the steamer basket into the steamer, cover and steam on HIGH HEAT for 12-15 minutes.
  • Dust with icing sugar (optional).